Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Our treatment is non-invasive, fast and effective.

Tattoo application uses a mechanised needle to puncture the skin and inject ink into the dermis or second layer of skin just below the epidermis. Since this process involves damaging the skin, the body responds with white blood cells, which attempt to absorb the foreign particles and dispose of them in the blood stream. The pigment is then left behind as they are too big to be taken by the white blood cells, resulting in a tattoo.

But what happens if you no longer want that tattoo?

Laser tattoo removal involves the use of light energies to selectively target and fragment tattoo ink situated within the dermis. With our laser tattoo removal service, we break up the pigment with high intensity beams of light broken into tiny fragments which then gets collected by our body’s natural cleaning system and discards the molecules.

This treatment is non- invasive, no scars, medical grade and fast & effective.

For optimal results, we recommend 6 to 10 treatments at 6 week intervals.

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