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Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliating treatment used to remove dead skin cells, whilst cleaning out pores and polishing the skin with no downtime. Our microdermabrasion treatment will leave the skin looking softer, smoother and more radiant.

Express Microdermabrasion ( 10mins)

  • Cleanse
  • Light exfoliation with diamond tip applicator
  • Moisturiser/SPF

Microdermabrasion ( 20mins)

  • Deep cleanse
  • Medium exfoliation with diamond tip applicator
  • Moisturiser/Serum/SPF

Our micro treatment also has the benefit of an add on in order to enhance your results.

This treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and can be performed on any skin colour from light to dark, without any down time.

Post treatment, we recommend using the EvolveMD Daily Cleansing Gel to hydrate, decongest and remove build-up from your skin and enhance your results. To protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it is important to use a sunscreen, we recommend the EvolveMD UV Sun Protection. This is a specially formulated natural zinc sun protection, which can be used immediately after your treatment.

Our skin therapists will provide you with aftercare information tailored to your treatment plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I have a Microdermabrasion & how many treatments are recommended to see results?

Microdermabrasion can be done as frequently as weekly or monthly depending on your skin’s tolerance and desired outcome. Many people choose to start with weekly treatments for three sessions, then change to a monthly maintenance regimen.

Is the procedure safe and is there any down time?

Microdermabrasion is safe, and there is little to no downtime. You should be able to resume your daily activities immediately. Keep your skin hydrated and use gentle skin care products. It is always advisable to wear a sunscreen for a few weeks after your treatment

Is the procedure painful?

Microdermabrasion works on the surface layers of your skin and isn’t painful. If your technician is being a bit heavy-handed for your liking, let them know.

What is the difference between a full Micro & express Micro?

The difference between the two procedures is our Express Micro is 10 minutes and our full Micro is 20 minutes