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Doctor Holbrook

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Dr John Holbrook studied medicine at the University of Sydney. Originally from the United States he came to Sydney to get a Master’s in International Public Health and fell in love with Sydney. He worked at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital as a part of multiple specialist teams including dermatology and head and neck.

He is a member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine (ACAM). He completed training with Merz, Galderma and Allergan in their individual academies for facial injectables as well as with the Derma Medical.

Dr Holbrook is the Co-founder of Fresh Clinics and is dedicated to making the practice of Cosmetic injectables easier and safer by collaborating and supporting Evolution Laser Clinics Injectors as their Medical Director.


Nurse Mel

Head of Aeshetics

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Nurse Melissa has been a Registered Nurse and Midwife for 26 years.

She loves to take care of people in all aspects of their lives.

Nurse Melissa’s greatest passion is supporting and developing Evolution’s injectors to continue to be the safest and best in the business!


Nurse Angela

Macquarie and Hurstville

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Nurse Angela has been a registered nurse for 8 years with a background in aesthetics. She is enjoying her journey as a cosmetic injector with us at ELC Macquarie and Hurstville.

Her favourite area to treat are the lips and cheeks because she finds there is an art to creating different shapes which then refresh the whole face.

Nurse Angela enjoys being able to get to know her patients’ faces and needs.


Nurse Anita

Sydney CBD

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Nurse Anita has the pleasure of working at ELC Sydney CBD. With years of experience working as a beauty therapist, Nurse Anita is excited to integrate both beauty and medical skills into the one role.

Her favourite injectable treatment are PDO threads because of the long term and long lasting results it provides.

Nurse Anita enjoys handing the mirror to her patients after their treatment and watching their positive reactions. She finds this extremely rewarding.


Nurse Annie


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Nurse Annie is a registered nurse of 8 years with a background in ICU and dermatology. Her main interest in her industry is cosmetic injectables.

Her favourite area to treat is the cheeks because she finds it compliments the whole face through balance and harmony. She also enjoys giving her patients skin a healthy glow using anti wrinkle and derma stamp.

Nurse Annie enjoys having her patients trust where she can then give them a positive experience and reach the results they are after. You can find Nurse Annie at ELC Ultimo.


Nurse Blake


Nurse Bree


Nurse Brianna


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Nurse Brianna is a dedicated cosmetic nurse with a passion for enhancing natural beauty and boosting one’s confidence.

One of her favourite parts of the face to treat is the lips. She finds that lip enhancements can subtly redefine a person’s smile, adding a touch of allure and radiance.

Brianna enjoys witnessing the joy and newfound self-assurance in patients after treatments and finds it incredibly rewarding. It’s moments like these that fuels Brianna’s love for aesthetics as she gets to be part of a process that empowers individuals to embrace their unique beauty and feel more confident in their own skin.


Nurse Charlene

Rouse Hill, Blacktown

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Nurse Charlene has 14 years experience as a registered nurse and midwife. You can find her at Evolution Laser Clinic Rouse Hill.

Her favourite areas to treat are lip enhancements and cheek fillers. She believes they give a rejuvenated look by using natural and subtle enhancements helping boost self esteem.

Nurse Charlene enjoys getting to know her patients, educating them and helping them be their most confident self. The possibilities are inspiring!


Nurse Chloe


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Nurse Chloe has been a registered nurse for 7 years with experience in the emergency department.

Her favourite area to treat are the cheeks because they can dramatically transform the face.

Nurse Chloe enjoys being able to assess and create a treatment plan with her patients and seeing the end result! You can find Nurse Chloe at ELC Randwick


Nurse Deepika


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Nurse Deepika has always wanted to be a part of the aesthetics industry from the time she was studying to be a registered nurse. She has always had a passion for aesthetics medicine and a strong desire to help people look and feel their best.

Prior to joining ELC Deepika has worked at her local public hospital and has obtained experience working in gastroenterology/upper surgical ward & emergency department.

Since joining ELC  Bankstown as a cosmetic injector, Deepika says her journey has been amazing and enjoyable. She finds it satisfying when she is able to build a trusting long term relationship with her client and loves helping them achieve their desired aesthetic goals.


Nurse Denisa


Nurse Dimi

Miranda, Hurstville

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Nurse Dimi began her career working alongside renowned doctors in the hospital environment and now has the pleasure of working collaboratively with patients in achieving their aesthetic goals.

Nurse Dimi is passionate about taking her patients on a transformative journey of cosmetic injectables with the goal of using various treatments to slow down the ageing-process, helping her patients achieve a fresh and youthful version of themselves by using cosmetic treatments to enhance and harmonise their natural features.


Nurse Ella


Nurse Ginny


Nurse Holly


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Nurse Holly has 5 years experience as a registered nurse. You can find her at ELC Wollongong and Shellharbour.

Her favourite area to treat are the cheeks. Nurse Holly believes enhancement to this area can create a beautiful elevation whilst simultaneously refreshing other areas of the face.

Nurse Holly loves the creativity that comes with cosmetics and enjoys tailoring individual journeys to reach their aesthetic aspirations. Her goal is to facilitate her patients self confidence by focusing on enhancing their natural features, ensuring they leave feeling refreshed and beautiful.


Nurse Jessica


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Nurse Jessica loves having the opportunity to help others feel confident and happy. You can find her at ELC Liverpool.

She enjoys treating her patients with anti wrinkle because it is a great introductory treatment that helps her patients feel confident in their skin.

Nurse Jessica feels it is most rewarding when building a strong relationship with her patients as well as being able to be a part of their journey’s.


Nurse Jessica


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Nurse Jessica has the pleasure of working at ELC Chatswood. With years of experience in the aesthetic industry, Nurse Jessica can take care of your laser hair removal, skin & body treatments and cosmetic injectable needs.

As a cosmetic injector, she enjoys treating all areas of the face to create balance, harmony and natural looking results.

Nurse Jessica’s favourite part about being a cosmetic injector is helping clients feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.


Nurse Jodie


Nurse Katie


Nurse Kirsty


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Nurse Kirsty has 9 years experience as a registered nurse. You can find her at ELC Wollongong.

Her favourite area to treat is the mid face. Nurse Kirsty loves seeing the rejuvenated and uplifted look this can give, providing a more youthful, refreshed appearance for her patients.

Nurse Kirsty’s goal is to assist her patients in feeling more confident within themselves. With the use of subtle and natural enhancements, she finds it to always be a positive experience to see patients look and feel like they are glowing.


Nurse Larissa

Lake Haven

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Nurse Larissa has been a registered nurse for 7 years. You can find Nurse Larissa at ELC Lake Haven.

Her favourite areas to treat are the lips because she likes to create a beautiful canvas for lipstick application.

Nurse Larissa enjoys the variety of patients she gets to catch up with on a continuous basis which allows her to watch their journey.


Nurse Mary

Sydney CBD

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Nurse Mary obtained her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Wollongong. Her interest in cosmetic nursing grew after gaining experience in dermatology and cosmetic clinics post-graduation.

Currently, Nurse Mary practises at ELC Sydney CBD, where she uses her wealth of knowledge from working in dermatology and cosmetic clinics, along with her postgraduate degree in cosmetic nursing and injectables to make tailored treatment plans for her clients.

For laser, skin, and cosmetic injectable treatments, Nurse Mary is available at the ELC Sydney CBD clinic.


Nurse Nina

Bondi Junction

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Nurse Nina started her journey in aesthetics as a dermal therapist 8 years ago, evolving into an experienced and passionate cosmetic injector at Bondi Junction.

Her favourite treatments include lip enhancement, cheek filler and jawline sculpting for natural facial balancing and anti ageing results. She creates a client-centred environment to keep you comfortable and at ease during your treatment.


Nurse Pip


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Nurse Pip started her journey in aesthetics as a beauty therapist 13 years ago, evolving into an experienced and passionate cosmetic injector at Narellan. Pip loves the relationships she builds with her clients and loves helping them achieve their aesthetics goals.


Nurse Sarah

Top Ryde

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Nurse Sarah has been a registered nurse for 14 years. She is an ICU nurse and the senior cosmetic injector at ELC Top Ryde.

She has a passion for all things aesthetics, and believes investing in your skin is one of the best investments you can make.

Nurse Sarah loves the relationships she builds with her clients and loves helping them achieve their aesthetics goals.


Nurse Steffany


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Nurse Steffany has had the pleasure of working in the cosmetic injectable industry at Evolution Laser Clinic Bankstown. Her experience in meeting all different kinds of people who put trust in her skills is what she loves most about her job.

She enjoys performing under eye treatments as she believes it can illuminate and soften a tired face while still looking quite natural.

Nurse Steffany finds it most rewarding when she can see her patients fall in love with their results. She describes it to be an amazing feeling to have the power to help people feel their best!


Nurse Tayla

Wollongong and Shellharbour

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Nurse Tayla has been a registered nurse for 7 years and enjoys being a cosmetic nurse at ELC Wollongong and Shellharbour.

Her favourite area to treat is the chin. She finds it to be an underrated treatment that can change the entire look and profile of her patients.

Nurse Tayla enjoys working with people to make them look and feel good. Overall, she finds being a cosmetic injector to be such a positive role.


Nurse Tiffany

Mt Druitt

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Nurse Tiffany has experience working in surgical wards, assisting a facial plastics surgeon and in the cosmetic injectables field with Allergan. You can find Nurse Tiffany at ELC Mt Druitt.

She enjoys treating the cheeks and temples as she believes these areas are the foundation of the face and can give a lift to the face.

Nurse Tiffany’s favourite part about being a cosmetic injector is being able to use the tools she has to tailor a patient’s treatment to their individual needs and achieving their aesthetic goals.

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