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Acne is a skin condition which can be painful, challenging and affect one’s mental well-being, and confidence and can result in scarring.

Acne skin is characterised by red pimples on the skin due to inflamed or infected oil glands and can be present amongst all age groups. We provide several solutions to help you regain control over your skin.

There are three stages of Acne – mild, moderate and severe. Acne can occur commonly on the face, neck, shoulders and back. The swelling of the skin is from the oil gland, hair follicle and skin cells all getting “plugged” together, causing bacteria leading to an infection. Although acne is prominent in our teenage years, some cases follow us until we are well into our adult life.

The main causes of Acne can be varied and can include some medications that contain androgen, lithium greasy cosmetics, hormonal changes, emotional stress and menstruation.

Some adults have naturally oily skin, and for others, it is because they are lacking a regular skin care regime. Still others continue to experience hormonal shifts due to menstrual cycle fluctuations, menopause, and endocrine system disorders. Therefore, many adults can experience breakouts.

So, since there are some elements we can’t change such as hormones and menstruation, we can provide treatments to gradually improve and develop healthier skin.

Our treatments and products strengthen and improve your skin texture, and target overactive sebaceous glands, preventing future breakouts. Our expert therapists will be able to provide a tailored treatment plan suitable for your skin type.

Our Solutions

Acne Peel

  • Decongest pimples and pustules
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Lighten and brighten skin
  • Resurface and refine
  • Prevent future outbreaks

LED Light Therapy

  • Eliminates bacteria on the skin
  • Skin appearance is improved
  • Wound Healing
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Reduces Inflammation

Laser Rejuvenation

  • Target acne, acne scarring and pores
  • Achieve smoother skin texture
  • Remove epidermal and dermal pigment
  • Target wrinkles and fine lines
  • No downtime

Acne Clear Trio

  • Targets the source of blemishes and blocked pores
  • Help clear blackheads and refine enlarged pores
  • Helps skin maintain a healthier, clearer complexion
  • Your best skin starts here

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