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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Laser Hair Removal

Can I get Laser Hair Removal if I have a tattoo?

Unfortunately, we cannot treat areas with a tattoo. The reason for this is because our laser technology picks up dark coloured pigment on or in the skin. Over time, your tattoo will fade for this reason.

Is it safe to get laser hair removal if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

As there is no conclusive study or research to say that laser hair removal is safe or unsafe, it would be best to consult your doctor before proceeding with treatment.

How often do I need to have a laser hair removal treatment?

Most people require treatments at 4-6 week intervals. The hair growth differs in each part of the body which means your hair loss is dependent on the phase your follicles are in at the time of the treatment. We recommend having at least 10 laser hair removal treatments for a more permanent result.

Can I get laser hair removal if I have dark skin?

Because of our highly advanced technology, we can treat most skin colours. Candela technology is designed to cater for both dark and light skin types, so for this we use two different machines. For medium to darker skin tones we use the Candela Gentle YAG Pro Series which helps to achieve the most effective result, whilst protecting the skin from any trauma.

At the time of your consultation, our highly qualified laser technicians will determine you skin type, allowing for the right machine to be used for your treatment. For individuals with light to medium skin, the Candela Gentle LASE Pro Series will be used for the treatment.

For anyone receiving laser hair removal, there will be a slight adjustment in the settings throughout the course to ensure you receive the optimal result.

What is included in the Female Brazilian laser hair removal treatment?

Our female brazilian treatment includes the hair removal from the whole pubic region, including the anus or inner buttocks area. You may choose to include or exclude areas if that is your preference.

What areas are included in the Full Body laser hair removal treatment?

The full body laser package includes all the areas from the hairline down to the toes. This package does not include the top of the head.

What machines do you use for laser hair removal treatments?

Evolution Laser Clinic uses highly advanced technology to treat most skin colours.

For Fair to Medium Skin, we use the Candela Gentle LASE Pro Series and for Medium to Dark Skin, we use the Candela Gentle YAG Pro Series. For maximum comfort to our clients, both laser machines provide constant cooling to protect the skin, making the treatment comfortable and virtually painless. Our state-of-the-art lasers set the gold standard for the best technology available for removing hair quickly and efficiently.

As these machines are medical grade lasers and FDA approved, they are safe no matter what areas you are treating.

Can I get laser hair removal if I have blonde hair?

Our laser technology is made to respond to pigment in the skin. Blonde, grey or white hair contains no pigment therefore, the laser will not pick the hair up and generally not respond to treatment.

In some cases, individuals may see some reduction of hair as they may have slight traces of pigment. It is best to come in for a consultation and our highly qualified laser technicians will determine whether you can be treated.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Our laser hair removal treatment is virtually painless when compared to waxing or plucking. Each pulse on the skin lasts for only a second and you may feel a slight tingle straight after.

In sensitive areas such as the face, lip or bikini, it may feel like a rubber band snap. This feeling will only last for a short time. For maximum comfort to our clients, both laser machines provide constant cooling to protect the skin, making the treatment comfortable and virtually painless.

How should I prepare for my laser hair removal appointment?

To prepare for your laser hair removal appointments, we ask that you do the following:

  • Shave the area being treated 12-24 hours in advance
  • Exfoliate to remove any dead skin or build up
  • Do not wax or pluck the area 4 weeks before your appointment
  • Remove any fake or sunless tanner from the skin
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure on the area being treated for at least 2 weeks before your appointment (this includes solariums, tanning beds or tanning supplements)
  • Refrain from receiving any skin resurfacing treatments (i.e. laser resurfacing, chemical peels or radio frequency)
  • Avoid using perfume, creams or moisturisers on the area just before your appointment

Can I sit out in the sun straight after my laser hair removal treatment?

We recommend avoiding the sun or limiting sun exposure on the areas being treated for a minimum of 2-3 weeks post treatment. If you must be exposed to the sun, it is best to apply an SPF50+ to the area.

If you have been exposed to the sun, our therapists will determine before your treatment if it is safe for you to receive laser hair removal.

How old do you have to be to get laser hair removal?

We treat all men and women 16+ years of age. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian present or provide a written and signed consent form for them to receive the treatment.

What can I expect after my laser hair removal treatment is finished?

After your laser hair removal treatment, you may experience some discomfort and see slight redness on the skin. This reaction is completely normal and there is no need to worry. This will all subside up to 24 hours post treatment.

Cosmetic Injections

What are the side effects of dermal filler?

Some of the side effects include: swelling, tenderness, redness and bruising. The most common side effects occur immediately after your treatment or within 24 hours.

Most side effects usually disappear within a few days of receiving treatment, however it will also depend on the filler used, as this may prolong some of the side effects to a couple of weeks.

Our highly qualified nurses will often recommend a follow up appointment to ensure all went well and you have reached your desired look. If you have any concerns before this follow up appointment, feel free to contact the clinic via phone or email and our nurse will advise whether you should come in earlier for them to assess.

How long does dermal filler last?

Dermal filler generally lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 months, and in some cases longer. The longevity of dermal filler is impacted by an individuals’ lifestyle and how active they are.

Generally, the longevity of lip filler can differ from dermal filler. The reason for this is because lips are a high activity area and we use them all the time. This combined with your lifestyle will determine how long the lip filler will last for you. It is best to discuss this with your cosmetic injector at your consultation.

How long do the results of the Tear Trough filler last?

Our specialised Eye Rescue Plus+ treatment can last up to 12 months. This is dependent on your life style and the way your body metabolises the product. After receiving your first treatment, we recommend a touch up once every 12 months.

How many Tear Trough filler treatments will I need?

We begin with a single treatment and will generally ask you to come in for a follow up appointment. At the follow up appointment, your cosmetic injector will determine whether you will need a touch up or not. You will then just need to touch up every 12 months if needed.

How many units will I need for crow’s feet, frown lines or forehead?

As all individuals are different, to determine the correct dosage for you, it is best to book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our highly qualified nurses at your nearest Evolution Laser Clinic.

How do I prepare for my cosmetic injection treatment?

To prepare for your cosmetic injection treatment, we recommend the following:

  • Avoid the use of Vitamin E 1 week prior to treatment
  • Avoid taking aspirin 1 week prior to treatment
  • Avoid vigorous physical activities for and consuming a large amount of alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to your treatment as this could increase the risk of bruising

Is there any post care requirements for cosmetic injection treatments?

After you have had your treatment, your cosmetic injector will discuss your post care requirements. They will include, but are not limited to, the below:

  • If you received anti-wrinkle injection, you must remain upright for 6 hours post injections
  • No rubbing the injection sites
  • Avoid makeup for up to 12 hours post treatment
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, UV Lights, freezing temperatures, saunas or Turkish baths for 2 weeks after your treatment
  • It is recommended not to wear any restricting facial attire, have face down massages or facial treatments such as laser for a few weeks

Can I pay for my treatments in installments?

For your convenience, we now offer zipPay and zipMoney. When you spend $200 or more in any transaction, you’ll have the option of using our zip services. Find out more here: or visit us in clinic.

Are there multiple brands available to choose from?

We offer multiple brands of wrinkle injections as well as dermal fillers, so you aren’t restricted to use one. Upon your consultation, our nurse will advise you of their recommendation based on your concerns or you may advise them of your preference based on previous experiences.

Skin Treatments

How do I know which treatment is best for me?

We offer complimentary consultations for all new and existing clients. Our therapists will conduct a skin analysis using our skin scanning technology and will recommend an appropriate treatment and product for you. It is our specialty to educate people on their skin type and how to maintain an appropriate skin care regime tailored to them.

How does skin tightening work?

Our specialised skin tightening treatment is designed to stimulate dermal collagen production and help with the regeneration of damaged skin cells. Using our Candela GentleYAG Laser
Technology, the heat energy injected into the skin penetrates deep whilst protecting the visible and upper layers, so as not to damage the skin.

The heat injected causes the collagen to contract which induces growth factors and stimulates new collagen synthesis, replacing the old collagen with new fibres that are more compact and organised, to give a less wrinkled appearance. This treatment is quick, comfortable and non-invasive with minimal downtime. Results are seen 3 months post treatments.

How long does it take for me to see results from my skin treatments?

As each of our skin treatments differ, the result time frame will vary. For our less invasive treatments which include, microdermabrasion, hydrodermabrasion and skin peels, the results are more immediate. Our more invasive treatments can take up to 3 months to show. These invasive treatments include; radio frequency, laser rejuvenation and skin needling.

These treatments have more lasting impacts than the less invasive treatments. Your therapist will create a treatment plan that will include a variety of treatments to address the skin concerns you wish to correct.

Will I feel pain during RF Skin Resurfacing and Skin Needling?

We have the option of topical anaesthetic which is applied before the treatment to minimise any discomfort you may feel during these skin treatments.

What is the difference between RF Skin Resurfacing and Skin Needling?

The similarity between these two treatments is that they both use small needles to cause a controlled wound in the skin to promote the production of collagen which is a natural healing response.

RF Skin Resurfacing uses radio frequency and dermal stamping technology to place heat effectively into the upper layer of the skin, where it produces an increase in both collagen and elastin with minimal disruption to the skin.

Skin Needling uses a mechanical pen to stimulate the collagen and elastin production.

Both skin treatments will give you a tightening effect.

How will I look straight after RF Skin Resurfacing and Skin Needling? Is there any downtime?

After having an invasive skin treatment, i.e. RF Skin Resurfacing and Skin Needling, you will experience slight redness in the skin. The redness is completely normal and will subside within a few hours. Besides the redness, there isn’t normally any downtime associated with these treatments and you can generally return to work afterwards.

After your treatment, our therapists will take you through a post-care treatment schedule to assist in the healing of your skin.

Why is aftercare product important to use after skin treatments?

Particularly after more invasive treatments, the use of product in your aftercare regime ensures you receive optimal results with little to no side effects.

Aftercare is important for all skin treatments, laser hair removal and even cosmetic injections. Your aftercare pack will be tailored to you and your skin concerns.

Will my skin peel off after having a chemical peel and how long will it peel for?

We offer a variety of skin peels and each one contains a different level of intensity. Our lighter peels will show little to no shedding at all whilst our strong peels will show some shedding of the skin as it is deeply exfoliating.

The most appropriate skin peel will be prescribed to you upon your initial skin consultation. Our therapist will also talk you through the possible side effects and whether you may have some down time. Mild to moderate peeling is normal for 1-5 days post peel.

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